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The First Shift in Thinking

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Ok, so as I’ve made abundantly clear up to this point, there needs to be a shift in thinking…a shift toward thinking about what women’s needs and desires are, because, ultimately, that is what will get you laid like a stud.

Now we all know that women love to reject assholes who approach them in bars or on the street with cheesey ass pickup lines. Why? Is it because women are all bitches? Well, yes, it is, but it’s also because women think they are choosing men, and unfortunately for the rest of us, our male compatriots fall into that frame and end up chasing women all over the place – just look at how many assholes give chicks free drinks at a bar in some absurd hope that these girls are just going to tear their tops off right then and there and scream, “Oh my God! A free drink! Fuck me hard!” If you’re one of those assholes, get over it, it doesn’t work…if you know one of those assholes, kick his ass and tell him to quit being such a supplicative pussy. He only embarrasses himself!

The interesting thing about all this is…..that since women always feel like they’re the ones choosing the men, if you can get a woman to feel that you’re the one with all the options and  that you are actually the one choosing her, you will look really fucking desirable in her eyes. The good news is that it’s easy to control an interaction with a woman in such a way as to make her feel like you’re the one doing the choosing, the bad news is that you have to quit being such a fucking pussy all the time, buying women drinks or taking them out to eat especially when they haven’t earned it yet.

Gettin' it done

Now, before I continue, consider how powerful this can be…by making a woman feel like you’re the one doing the selecting, that you’re the one screening her and not the other way around, you’re doing something that she’s most likely NEVER EXPERIENCED FROM A MAN IN HER ENTIRE LIFE…especially if she’s extrodinarily fuckable. If she is then she’s had jackassess falling all over their tiny dicks to do anything she wants her whole life, then you come along and show her that she ain’t all she thinks she is…once that happens she’ll almost pay you to fuck her.

So how do you take a perfect 10 and turn things around so she feels like she’s chasing you? Easy…call her on her bullshit. You see, women that hot are constantly screening guys and they usually pull out little shit tests to fuck with your head and see how you respond…if you aren’t phased, she’ll love it, but show any sign of weakness and she’ll instantly decide you aren’t what she’s looking for. For those of you that need examples, here’s a good one that happened to me a while back. I was talking to this sexy little Latin chick who was only about 20 years old, so she liked to “play games” and, since she was fucking gorgeous, she absolutely loved to fuck with guys’ heads. Most guys I knew would have given both nuts to fuck this chick, but she sensed that, and none of those guys ever got anywhere.

So I had been hanging out with this girl for a bit when I decided it was time to get her naked. So we were eating lunch together one day and she looks me square in the face and says, “God, I’m so horny,” and then she just stares at me. Now, when a near-perfect looking woman looks a guy in the face and tells him she’s horny, most guys will get all excited and start thinking, “Oh my God, is she telling me she wants to have sex with me? Oh man! This could be awesome! I’ve never had sex with such a sexy chick before…is this really happening?” Yeah, well those guys don’t ever bang women like this because what they don’t realize is this was just a test. She was checking to see if I was the type of guy that would drop anything to bang her. Don’t get me wrong, I would drop just about anything to bang this chick, but she absolutely cannot sense that or I’m totally fucked. So I look her straight in the eyes, pause for a second and let one of those “I’m the best that ever lived” smiles come across my face and I said real slowly, “I can’t help you with that sweetheart,” and then I maintained eye contact with her until she looked away.

The next day I was balls deep in that sexy 20 year old ass, and it was mostly because of how well I handled myself on that “shit-test” she threw at me. Not only did I basically tell her I didn’t want to fuck her, but I didn’t look flustered at all when it happened…from her perspective I am sure it seemed like I hear the same line from women so much that it just didn’t phase me anymore. But there’s a sublte technique I also added that works fantastically well whenever you say just about anything to a women, and that’s having a cocky smile across my face – while verbally expressing that I wasn’t going to fuck her, that cocky smile and unflinching eye contact was telling her, non-verbally, that I COULD fuck her if I wanted to and I knew it…after that she knew it too.

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  • 1 Bill Knapff // Dec 19, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    Pure gold! I’ve never seen anything so brilliant. Fucking brilliant!

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