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Random Jokes That Women Love

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What have you done wrong when you wife comes out of the kitchen and starts nagging you? made the chain too long.A man is driving along in his car when he suddenly gets pulled over by the police, the man pokes his head out of the window and says “what seems to be the problem officer?” the cop looks bluntly at him and says “are you aware that a woman fell out of your car about 2 minutes ago?” the man let out a sigh “thank fuck for that I thought I had gone deaf!”

Why did the woman cross the road?
Wait, better question, why is she out of the kitchen!?

Why don’t women wear watches?
There’s a clock on the stove.

Why do women have short feet?
So they can stand closer to the stove.

Why don’t women have a penis?
So they can stand closer to the kitchen sink.

Why don’t women need drivers licenses?
There is no road between the bedroom and the kitchen.

How many men does it take to open a beer?
-None, it should be opened when she brings it to you.

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