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How A Pick Up Artist Handles Being Dumped

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So how do you handle rejection? Well if you have other options like any battle hardened Pick Up Artists (PUA), or any self respecting man, you should not act like it’s a big deal. Why, you ask? Because its not! You need to act as though you are desired, so the other person rejecting you does not get the reaction they were looking for, and your perceived value does not waiver or diminish further.

See the video and handle it like this guy does!

Bottom line, there are two steps to being dumped…

The first is indifference,

The second is revenge,

Although, if you are “on your game,” you shouldn’t have this problem. The only reason we pose this situation is because when many people get rejected or dumped, they freeze up “like a deer in the headlights” and do nothing. They take it personally and they retreat into a self loathing state that won’t help them with women.

This video is a dramatization of this concept. On a personal note, we would have tried to fuck her friends and not her mom, especially when she looks like a dog, but never the less, the concept is the same.

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