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This is the first of a series of flix from the High Times Editorial Staff. This is a very funny video even if you’re not blazed. The video could become clearer with some party favors. Anyway…while smokin’ a tone of pot has its benefits, chuckling to your self about;

Luke Highwalker,

Darth Hazer,


Han Bolo,

Boba Fatty ,

Obi-wan’a Tokie,

Jar Jar Blunts,


Missy Smelliot…

the reality is, it’s probably not going to get you laid. With that said, the series as a whole is actually pretty tight. The production value is actually well done, even for a group of stoners. All this video needs is some hot women, maybe some recovering coke heads smoking weed to get over their blow addiction. I think that series would be a lot of fun to watch…it would be like Cheech and Chong, with some hot Jerry Springer trailer trash working at The Office clearly a quality show…the below is still a funny clip though…

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