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Forum : Who is better in bed?

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Who is better in bed?


GR84UrOs – New Member

4:14 pm – November 30, 2008

posts 1

If you put your effort into making sure she is enjoying herself, hair color doesn't matter in the least.  You do your part correctly and she'll have a breathless purr that will make hair color the last thing your mind. 

Gundy – Member


8:08 am – October 30, 2008

posts 9

Are ya kidding?? It has much more to do with how much time she spends on her hair… the less time spent on prep, the less she will care about messing it up!

Pyro2020 – New Member

11:02 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 2

Ha ha dumb bitch. That video doesnt have any dark haired latin chicks. Blondes get down better NEways.

THis biotch look like she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch…

LatinChica23 – New Member

4:41 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 3

Black hair latin women  are definately the most passionate!

Admin – Admin

11:32 am – August 29, 2008

posts 14

Are blondes, brunettes, redheads or black haired women better in the sack? Who wants it more, who knows what they are doing better than the rest?

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