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Forum : What type of women are better to have around?

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What type of women are better to have around?


Gundy – Member


7:31 am – October 30, 2008

posts 9

with “in your face” woman, you will never have to wonder what she is thinking… or if she is quietly plotting your slow painful death.

rodeokidd66 – New Member

7:04 am – October 16, 2008

posts 2

the best type of women to have is ,A lady in public,But a freak in the bed! o ya!!!

The Sanchez – New Member

3:07 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 4

I hate loud mouth bitches..sit there…shut up…look sexy. High maintenance bitches with an attitude should be shot on site!

Admin – Admin

12:03 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 14

Are talkative women that aren't afraid to get confrontational more fun or is a passive no personality woman better for business?

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