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Forum : What is the best SEXUAL POSITION?

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What is the best SEXUAL POSITION?


Gundy – Member


8:32 am – October 30, 2008

posts 9

the see-saw. face to face, she says how fast and how deep. I can play with it all.

Tiffy45 – New Member

10:09 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 1

I like this one he he, a little bump and grind that can last for hours Wink

The Sanchez – New Member

3:34 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 4


The Sanchez – New Member

3:30 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 4

Mine favorite is “Reverse Cowgirl”

[Image Removed by User]

Admin – Admin

11:10 am – August 29, 2008

posts 14

Is the best sex position the “wheelbarrow,” the “reverse pile driver” or the “Eiffel Tower?” Should the women do all the work or should the man beat it like it owes him money?



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