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Forum : One night stands?

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One night stands?


Gundy – Member


7:55 am – October 30, 2008

posts 9

The women are in control here, if your looking for a one night stand, search the room for the girl looking for a one night stand. She will be looking the crowd over. when she looks at you make sure she knows your the guy. Then start showing her why you are worthy, why should she pick you.

Carmen23 – New Member

4:49 pm – September 28, 2008

posts 2

All you have to realize is that the woman in is complete control…we decide how or if we want it…you guys are just props…..!

Gonzo – New Member

11:56 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 2

Bro Just cruise up to a chick tha gives you the eye. Buy her a drink and take her home…easy said easy done!

What’s hard is hookin’ up a 3 or 4-some.

Gonzo – New Member

11:56 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 2

Bro Just cruise up to a chick tha gives you the eye. Buy her a drink and take her home…easy said easy done!

What's hard is hookin' up a 3 or 4-some.

QTAngel666 – New Member

8:23 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 2

Not all women will have one night stands… I know pleanty of girls that haven't….I guess I'm the bad one of the group…Innocent

LatinChica23 – New Member

4:06 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 3

He he, this is funny…if a girl wants to fuck you she will…just try to limit your guy's boring chit chat before you say something stupid and you will be more likely to score. Buying us a bunch of drinks wouldnt hurt either. Kiss

guru – Moderator

12:59 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 3

One night stands are difficult to achieve but is obviously what we are all striving for. A girl that is ready to get down will definately be giving you hints. The easiest way is to have a girl self select herself with her eye contact. Once she has given you the signals immediately approach her. This shows confidence. Once talking, begin physical conact in gentle playful touches. Then work your way up to more close physical contact, possibly embacing each other. Next plant subtle kisses on her cheek or neck. After that go in for the kiss. REMEMBER if you dont work your way up to kissing or making out at the bar or club dont even try to take the bitch home. In causal conversation throughout the night make sure to comment about your place to frame it as a reality in her mind. Also ask her about where she is living or staying staying. If all is going well and she is still with you and after completing the earlier steps, all you need to do is pick a good time to make an exit. Ask her if she wants to get out of here and go back to your place? If she says yes! it on like Donkey Kong!

Admin – Admin

12:18 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 14

How can you swing a “one night stand” not counting the never calling her ever again part? What kind of woman do you look for? What clues will let you know she is ready? How big of a role is trust in taking a woman home? How can any guy improve his odds?

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