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Forum : "Ladies first" or "I gots to gets mines"?

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“Ladies first” or “I gots to gets mines”?


Gundy – Member


7:37 am – October 30, 2008

posts 9

“all about her” will become all about me. woman have no down time between “the O”. I have never met a woman that only wanted 1.

annaBANANA – New Member

5:27 pm – September 28, 2008

posts 2

That is the dumbest question I ever heard…no wonder you guys don't get anywhere with women….this is what it should look like….passionate!

QTAngel666 – New Member

8:43 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 2

Women are the gatekeepers. You gotta keep us interested!

Wow…Surprised….look at that pic….that's what I'm talking about.

LatinChica23 – New Member

3:59 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 3

Hell no!Yell  If you guys want to get pussy you got to give to receive. You want to get near any pussy you got to get it wet first.Innocent  None of this 2 pump chump bullshit!

guru – Moderator

1:10 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 3

Fuck “Ladies First”…make a bitch work for it…have her earn that nice dinner you just bought her!

Admin – Admin

12:10 pm – August 29, 2008

posts 14

Should you give a woman pleasure first or should you demand and little something before you go another round? What works better, what method gets you more ass, having the all about her, or all about me, attitude?

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