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Asher Roth – I Luv College

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“I love College, I love Drinking, I love Women, I love college…Time is not wasted when you’re getting wasted!” Truer words have never been spoken!

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Seduction Strategies Introduction

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Should I have a routine to pick up women?
I would say you definitely have to have some type of routine in the beginning. As you start to get more and more practice, you’ll understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Initially, go for a routine. People feel more comfortable when you feel more comfortable. It’ll be easier for you. And as long as you don’t use the same routine in the same company you will be alright. Start mixing it up as quick as you can and you will be better off.

Whats the key to strategy when seducing women?
You’ve got to think of the next line of what you’re going to say. It’s almost like playing chess. You already automatically have to know what move you’re going to make next. Focus on her demeanor and anticipate what her reaction will be to various intimacies and interactions. This is is important here.

How do I convince a woman I’m worth it?
I don’t talk about all the things that I have. Just making yourself more interesting and educated, talking about more important things, sounding educated is important. If you don’t sound interesting they don’t want to deal with you. The other thing is I don’t make myself look like, “Oh I have this kind of car and I have this house and I have this and this and this.” Girls will start be like, “OK he’s talking too much about himself.” You don’t want to be so cocky, they get turned off by that. But you also have to make sure that you do it in more of a classier way. If you do have some nice things you can talk about those and make yourself look like you are higher.

How can I stand out when there are other men trying to seduce the same women?
First of all, you make them look like an idiot, you know? Walking around and saying you are hot babe and grinding and groping. You are going to do just the opposite. You are going to listen to them. You are going to talk to them. You are going to be funny. Girls love to laugh and so you are going to be doing exactly the opposite of what they are doing. A lot of times they are just making a fool out of themselves. Talk about some cool stuff. Talk about whatever is on your mind versus. Ask them more open ended questions is probably another big thing. So ask them, you know let them speak. The more that they talk, girls love to talk. You let them talk and talk and talk. You just listen.

Why is technique important in seducing a woman?
Techniques are like tools. If you’re a handyman you’re going to need tools to fix things. It’s just like if you’re a pick up artist, or you’re trying to seduce a woman, you have to have these tools to make yourself a higher value, to make yourself approachable and all this stuff. Again, it’s tools that you’re using.

How can I use body language to attract a woman?
You can seduce a woman without even talking to her. You know, from sitting a little closer to her, maybe touching her leg a little bit if she’s comfortable with that. Again, you’ll start to notice little indicators that you’ll see. Again, eye contact, moving your eyebrows. You know, your body language, if I didn’t have a voice I could get a woman into bed. Again, it’s just all about your sexual aura about yourself to make that woman comfortable and aroused.

Should I be cocky and funny if I’m trying to seduce a woman?
When you’re cocky and you’re funny about it, that’s where they feel like “This guy is kind of cool. He’s cool and he’s funny about it.” It’s kind of like, you know, sugar and salt, they really go together, you know what I’m saying. It’s the same kind of concept, you know, you got to be funny and you got to be cocky at the same time.

How do I build up a woman’s attraction for me?
I think it’s important that you know you make yourself look good so if you have two girls on your side, just friends, girls are going to be like okay why are two girls on that guy. It’s very rare that you’re going to have two wing-women, but I mean that definitely makes that value higher, girls are going to be interested. Why is that guy so important? Making yourself look good in that crowd. That’s going to make a woman want to know who that guy is or I want that guy.

What should I do after a woman is attracted to me?
You have got to take control of this whole situation. That is what the other important thing. This goes back to even sales. You have got to be in control of the whole entire conversation. You know, I mean you want her to run her mouth and keep on talking. But the important thing is you have got to be in control of the situation. Progress it step by step always moving forward. Always going for the kill. If that is what you are going for then that is what you have to strive for. Move to the next step. Hey let us go out to here. Hey do you want to go get a cup of coffee now that we are done with the bar. Boom. Let us go have coffee. Let us go over here. She will throw things at you when she is not feeling uncomfortable. Like say, oh my friends need to come with me. Cool, no problem. I will bring my buddies too. They come as a group. She is feeling more comfortable with you. Again, it is moving step to step. That is how you are eventually going to get her into bed. That is what you are looking for. You are moving. You assume the sale is what I call it. You are assuming that she wants to sleep with you. So if you assume, you will get it. Again, there are going to be times where she will throw things at you, make you feel like she is not interested. Maybe she does not want to go that far tonight. That is where you have to play your cards right and start to feel that.

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How A Pick Up Artist Handles Being Dumped

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So how do you handle rejection? Well if you have other options like any battle hardened Pick Up Artists (PUA), or any self respecting man, you should not act like it’s a big deal. Why, you ask? Because its not! You need to act as though you are desired, so the other person rejecting you does not get the reaction they were looking for, and your perceived value does not waiver or diminish further.

See the video and handle it like this guy does!

Bottom line, there are two steps to being dumped…

The first is indifference,

The second is revenge,

Although, if you are “on your game,” you shouldn’t have this problem. The only reason we pose this situation is because when many people get rejected or dumped, they freeze up “like a deer in the headlights” and do nothing. They take it personally and they retreat into a self loathing state that won’t help them with women.

This video is a dramatization of this concept. On a personal note, we would have tried to fuck her friends and not her mom, especially when she looks like a dog, but never the less, the concept is the same.

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What a Bitch Slap!

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Wow what a Bitch Slap!

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Takin’ A Ride with Southpark

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Takin’ A Ride with TITS. Nice track, good tribute to HEAVY METAL with a little more nip. So what If I would motor boat a cartoon character….don’t tell me you wouldn’t!


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Mickey Avalon

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Not a bad track to move to, or to groove to…”my dick will bitch slap a hoe upside the head”…mickey is gonna blow up…check out “say what you will” if you like this one…stoked for the “grove show”… the hook…


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POV: Guy Stuck in Class

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This clip was taken directly from every guys brain…it is dead on…If this guy was smart he would have sat in the back near the window to scope the tits and the window to help get rid of the smell if he busts ass… he probably couldn’t sit where he wanted because he was late for class…We forgot what it was like to space out in class…ahhh the fond memories!

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High Times Editorial Office

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This is the first of a series of flix from the High Times Editorial Staff. This is a very funny video even if you’re not blazed. The video could become clearer with some party favors. Anyway…while smokin’ a tone of pot has its benefits, chuckling to your self about;

Luke Highwalker,

Darth Hazer,


Han Bolo,

Boba Fatty ,

Obi-wan’a Tokie,

Jar Jar Blunts,


Missy Smelliot…

the reality is, it’s probably not going to get you laid. With that said, the series as a whole is actually pretty tight. The production value is actually well done, even for a group of stoners. All this video needs is some hot women, maybe some recovering coke heads smoking weed to get over their blow addiction. I think that series would be a lot of fun to watch…it would be like Cheech and Chong, with some hot Jerry Springer trailer trash working at The Office clearly a quality show…the below is still a funny clip though…

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Finding a Fuck Buddy

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How To Find a Friend that Will “Benefit” You!

Friends with benefits, pals with privileges, fuck buddies… whatever you call it, the idea of a casual sexual relationship has become very popular among young adults who are too busy for a serious relationship or people that just don’t want one. There are no rules when it comes to this type of “action”, but there are some tips this video recommends for friends with benefits.

This video has some tidbits of helpful information. Our advice. This is “no holds barred” so don’t pull any punches, and keep in mind, it will probably end up in “on the ropes” with someone’s emotions beaten senseless. With that said, knock yourself out!

Step 1:

Best Bets

Odds will be in your favor if your “friend” is a mature adult who has already experienced a long-term relationship, isn’t emotionally needy, and respects your privacy. If it’s an old friend or a friend of a friend, you may already know a lot about tendencies and demeanor. A co-worker adds the “easy access” factor, but be careful if your company has a policy against inter-office romances.

Definitely find a woman that has been involved in a long-term. These women have been so emotionally attached to their ex-boyfriend/husband that they don’t expect you to fill those shoes. They instead just see you as a “fun time,” a no nonsense fuck-buddy, they will be more likely to understand that this is a purely physical relationship and the woman won’t be as emotionally attached, (although an overly-emotional woman is still pretty much unavoidable).

Step 2:


Get the rules out in the open from the beginning. Talk about the potential consequences of this relationship, like pregnancy, and STD’s. Agree that it’s okay to ask, and equally okay to just say no. You can promise not to tell anyone and agree that you both have the right to deny it completely.

Absolutely define at least some ground rules in a casual non serious manner. Part of the reasons having friends with benefits (fuck-buddy) is great is because it isn’t serious, it isn’t stressful and there aren’t any rules. With that said you still want to be clear what your expectations are: that these are casual hook ups/booty-calls with no intention of a relationship. Many women will get confused and try to see a light at the end of a tunnel where a relationship will be waiting or try to change a man. Don’t let this happen if you sense this is becoming a more likely possibility, “hit it and quit it.” Make sure their expectations coincide with yours, or at least partially, the rest is being a good actor.

Step 3:

What Kind Of Benefits?

Consider your options. Make out buddies mean kissing and fondling only. This can be difficult for some. After all, one thing tends to lead to another. But if you both have good self-control, more power to you! Massage buddies are also only for the strong-willed. Massage buddies take turns being the giver and receiver. Enjoy a great massage and maybe an occasional happy ending. Full coverage benefits mean anything goes. But be careful: sex means intimacy. Avoid extra kissing and cuddling while in a full benefits type of relationship. It can send conflicting messages.

Lets face it we aren’t in it for kissing buddies or massage buddies. This part of the video is totally ridiculous, the only thing friends with benefits should mean is “casual fucking” all that touchy feely bullshit is a waste of time. If you think kissing or massaging is a way into their pants, go for it. Make sure not to bring up any “ground rules conversation” (mentioned above) especially when all you’re getting is a little lip action and some measly massages. This will make you look fucking retarded and you can bet you with be stuck with “Rosie Palm” or “Pamala Handerson” getting’ no real pussy!

Step 4:

Be Spontaneous

When the mood strikes, contact your friend. Spontaneity is key in a “friends with benefits” relationship. Anticipation is the best part, after all. Try texting your FWB during a grueling workday; see if she can get away to meet you for lunch. It’s as easy as that!

Be impulsive and spontaneous with your interaction. Obviously not being over anxious, and definitely not more than a few times a week on your request. If the rest of the encounters is on her request you are good. Try to maintain a parallel level of interest. That is, if you text her for a hookup two times in a row and you want to call her a third consecutive time in the same week, HOLD OFF. Wait a little for her to reciprocate. Don’t wear her out literally and seem more desperate than you really are. Yea dirty sex is fucking awesome but don’t over indulge it could smother your fuck-buddy! And if the sex isn’t regular enough ad another fuck-buddy to the “Ho-lodex!”

Step 5:


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Sexy As Hell


What can I say about this video…well aside from it being sexy as all fucking hell…There is nothing I can say other than “just check this fucking thing out.” Also make sure that you arn’t at work or school where someone can be looking over your shoulder…wouldn’t want to have to attend sexual harassment classes would we??

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