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Entries from April 2008

Either Way She’s Lookin’ Good

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Either Way She’s Lookin’ Good! Awesome Side boobage!


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How To Flirt at the Gym

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Physical exercise is hot, right? Plus, lifting weights and doing cardio create the same “feel good” endorphins as dancing with someone. So as long as you’re at the gym, you might as well meet someone. This video has some good info but its pretty much only for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES! When you’re at the gym focus on working out so you look good for the night out. But if the opportunity presents itself TAKE IT, beatin’ a chicks StairMaster-Ass like it owes you money is a good workout too!


Step 1:

Dress The Part

If you want to get attention from the ladies, you must look the part and have the appropriate gear (no stained wife beaters etc). Wear the right footwear and gym attire. This lets women know you are serious about your workout, and that you’re not just at the gym to cruise for chicks.


Step 2:

Read The Body

Don’t be a meat head. Pay attention to a woman’s body language. She’ll give you a very clear signal if she’s interested. Look for sustained or repeated eye contact. If she gives it to you go in for the kill (don’t be a pussy).


Step 3:

Be Helpful

Don’t stare at people you are interested in. Ask them if they need a spot, a towel or any other general directions around the gym. Pay attention with your peripheral vision to women that are paying attention to you and target them for that “spot or towel.”


Step 4:

Work In

Sharing a machine might lead to brief comments or a short conversation. But if you do get to work in, don’t show off. Only lift weights you know you can handle. There is nothing worse than the chick bailing you out or causing an embarrassing scene when she screams for help after you drop the weights on your dumbass!


Step 5:

Just Do It!

Regulars have an excuse to talk to other regulars, familiar faces are comforting and less intrusive. So, be a gym rat. You might actually get in shape. And maybe you’ll get some ass out of the deal. I mean isn’t “pulling ass” the real reason guys work out anyway?? YEP!!!

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Jean Top, A New Trend?

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Wow…we hope this is a new fashion trend! I wonder if she’s wearing the rest of the jeans as bottoms…I hope not!


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