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Why You Have to Believe You’re The Shit


Women can pick up on how confident a guy is much easier than any man can. It’s a skill they’ve been trained to do since they were little girls. You can probably remember being in elementary or high school and seeing a group of the “popular” chicks picking on another girl or group of girls relentlessly until she developed a noticeable eating disorder. Did you ever wonder how girls know who to pick on? It’s not necessarily how they look…if you’ve ever seen a group of hotties with a few monsters in the mix, you know that hot groups of chicks don’t always rule out the possibility of hanging with ugly chicks. Women can identify subtle insecurities in everyone regardless of the physical appearance. Those girls that get picked on and develop those eating disorders didn’t think highly of themselves to begin with, and the other girls would pick up on the low self esteem and insecurities and swoop in for the kill. This phenomenon has only changed slightly since high school. We all know how bitchy women can be to each other about the stupidest shit, all the time pecking away at possible weaknesses. Nonetheless, it helps to recognize that women are keenly aware of how confident those around them are…or at least how confident those around them appear to be.

Like my man David DeAngelo once said,

“Ask yourself, ‘How would I walk if I believed that I could make any woman feel great inside?’, ‘How would I talk if I believed that I could make any woman feel great inside?’, ‘What would the expression be on my face if I believed that I could make any woman feel great inside?’, ‘How would I act differently if I were the kind of man that women dreamed about?’ Then start doing these things. When you’re talking to a woman, imagine how good you’re going to make her feel. Fake it till you make it. Just do it. Women will notice.”

Back to what I said earlier about chicks being downright mean to other chicks. It happens all the time…if you’ve ever been in the company of a group of women acting how they do when men aren’t around – maybe by overhearing a conversation of a group of close female friends who didn’t know you were listening – they can be brutal in judging each other. Most women do it, but beautiful women have a side of themselves that they’d never admit to anyone, no matter how comfortable they felt. The secret that these sexy women harbor is that they want a man who is in control of himself, everything around him, and especially, in control of her.

Now, just imagine the feminazis going “APE SHIT” at the sound of that, but it’s true…even the feminazis secretly feel that way. And not only that, but beautiful women have a strong contempt for people who don’t or can’t control themselves and their realities, especially if those people are men. Those men are perceived with lesser stature and are then less desirable. Have you ever seen a woman reject a guy at a bar? Especially if the chick is gorgeous and knows it, they can be absolutely brutal. I’ve seen normal, nice guys approach a beautiful girl in a bar and before the guy has a chance to say anything she says, “Go away, I’m not interested.” Anyone who would do that to a seemingly normal person must not think to highly of him, and that’s exactly right. Those beautiful women don’t think too highly of most guys who approach them, in fact, they secretly despise most of them. But it’s not because they’re sick of being hit on…I mean, if there’s one thing women cannot get enough of it’s attention. The reason these chicks are so mean is because of the way the guy approaches…they can see within seconds that this guy, while maybe a nice, normal guy, is, quite frankly, a PUSSY! And pussies are just the guys who women have the strongest contempt for.

The mistake most pussies make is that they assume that just because women accept their gifts and drinks and whatever else these pussies give away for free, that the women will like them better because of what they’re giving. Not the case…rather, the more a guy gives to a women, the more her contempt builds for him. And it makes sense why…I mean, the guy that buys girls drinks at a bar who thinks that’s a good way to get laid at some point obviously has no idea how women work, women see this and while they may have no problem taking free drinks from every sucker who offers them, they see right through the ploy…women know damn well the only reason you’re buying them drinks is because you want to “get some.” This flagrant use of cash to impress makes a man seem more desperate and thus less desirable in those same women’s eyes.

A guy who genuinely believes he’s the shit isn’t going to spend money on some chick he barely knows, in hopes that she’ll somehow like him better because of it. Rather, he walks around talking to whoever he wants, enjoying himself knowing that every chick in the place would be lucky just to talk to him.

So far we have discussed the most common mistake men make, splashing money around buying chicks they just met anything from the bar. This approach just highlights the more important issue about self worth and your outward projection of this confidence which is the key underlying issue. Since many women are very perceptive about how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. They are constantly assessing everyone around them, including you! This is why it critically important to project confidence by your attitude and actions (no pissing your $$$ away on dumb broads who haven’t done any thing to earn those drinks).

Since women are acutely aware of you it is important to project that image a high self worth, control and confidence. Ways to exude these traits include these 6 things:

-Smiling/laughing (emphasizes overall sense of happiness/wellbeing and satisfaction)

-Funny/witty comments (indicates intelligence, engagement, control and confidence)

-Confident/good posture/body language (shows confidence, self worth and makes you physically look better)

-Maintain Eye contact (never break eye contact or look away when you connect eyes, shows confidence, and control and promotes self worth)

-Pay attention to nervous habits (no fidgeting/heavy breathing/swallowing, shows confidence and control)

-Slight touches (shows confidence with subtle touching, shows her that you control your personal space and the space between you)

If you can do all the above 6 things you will start projecting the outward appearance of confidence and self worth. You start to become more confident and in control of your own destiny. This skill will take time to perfect but as you hone your skills of self projection you will elevate women’s perceptions of yourself. Remember a woman that is desirable herself wants a desired not necessarily a desirable man. Since just about everyone is trying to fuck her she gets to choose anyone she wants. What sets you apart? You need to carry yourself confidently and pay attention to your image and women’s perceptions of you to even have a chance. Knowing and feeling that you are the “shit” will start a snowball effect or a “forced feedback loop” that will make you infinitely more popular with women. If you start doing the above 6 things smiling, wit, body language, eye contact, no nervous habits, and subtle touching women will perceive and identify your confidence, control and desirability. You will have a “presence” about you, women will then treat you with respect, in higher regard as a more desired person. This phenomenon will gradually perpetuate more confidence for you moving forward. This will be a self fulfilling prophecy, will build on itself and get you that “foot in the door” you need to close the deal. These are the first steps to creating desire, and initial attraction. Building that attraction and creating intense feelings with women to make her want to fuck your brains out have been and will be discussed in later articles. Remember, knowing you’re “The Shit,” and believing you are “The Shit” will make you “The Shit” so get out there and Fuck Some Shit Up!

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Dating, A Woman’s Private Game

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Dating is a game to most women, there’s no question about that, but this is something most men don’t realize. Most men have a goal in mind; a guy may be out at night trying to get laid or looking for a gorgeous girl next door to settle down with, and all that bullshit that goes along with it is just an obstacle to most guys. Dating is really just something to get you to the end goal, it doesn’t hold any value in and of itself. But to women, dating is an end in itself.

What do I mean here? Look at it this way, guys talk to women generally because we want something…we want to get laid, or we want to get her phone number, or we want to take her with us to a party next weekend, but women talk to guys just for the hell of it. That’s right, women actually enjoy the simple act of interacting, and the key is, they enjoy it without any particular goal in mind.

This all springs from the fact that women tend to live more in the moment than men. Men tend to be more analytical and prefer to plan things and achieve goals; women tend to focus on the “here and now” and are driven more by emotions. These emotions can, and often do change on a whim, and are not driven by any sort of achievable goal in their minds.

This all means that when you’re talking to that perfect 10 at the bar, she isn’t thinking about the next step, or where this will end up, she’s just having fun playing the game right then and there. And that’s something that throws a lot of guys off; they don’t realize that women play so many games because they like to fuck with our heads…they enjoy seeing our reactions and they really enjoy it when we can play the game just as good, or better, than they can.

Now here’s another little nugget that most guys don’t realize. While it’s a pain in the fucking ass to deal with a woman’s games, especially when we just want to get to the point and play hide the salami. A woman shit testing you is actually a good thing…it shows she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of boning you yet. And to any guy who’s ever made the mistake of slipping into friend-zone knows, once you slip into that zone it’s nearly impossible to get out. Plus, women are programmed to play games, and to like it, but only with guys who they view as potential fuck buddies. So to all you guys reading this thinking, “women don’t play games with me,” well, that’s because they just aren’t into you…… Sorry.

Most women, especially the sexy ones, are phenomenal at messing with guys’ heads and making guys fall all over themselves to try and get into their pants. While that means sexy women are that much more difficult to get into bed, it also means that once you master the game, the sexiest women will be totally turned on by you, if for no other reason than the fact that most guys simply can’t compete. By beating her at her own game, you’re showing a woman that you’re in tune with how she operates on such a level that you aren’t phased by even the strongest plays she’s got in her playbook. If you can manage to turn those plays around on her, and beat her at her own game, you’ll be plowing the shit out of her within a week.

So treat every interaction as a playful game, with no “chips on the table.” Relax because it’s just a simple flirting game with no egos involved. Build attraction with the woman through humor, subtle touching and “takeaway” strategies discussed in earlier articles. When the woman start’s to “shit test” you, like asking you for a drink for her and her friend, smile confidently and reply “is your friend coming home with us tonight.” Make sure to follow up with a smile, chuckle and a playful touch. Let he know what your intent is, that you are interested in her, but also don’t let her control the situation and make demands that you blindly follow. You will seem desperate even if you are not. She is shit testing you to see if she can bilk you out of drinks. If a man just blows money on her and her friend, the woman will most likely leave you even if she is physically attracted to you. This is because it is still just a game to her and you were not man enough to put your foot down and tacitly set the rules of the game. Take the little “shit tests” women give you and playfully mold them into your own terms and don’t let the woman control the game. Remember, the one who controls the game sets the rules for scoring!

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Asher Roth – I Luv College

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“I love College, I love Drinking, I love Women, I love college…Time is not wasted when you’re getting wasted!” Truer words have never been spoken!

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Good Old Fashion Humor


Why did God invent yeast infections?
So that women know what it’s like to live with an irritating cunt.

How do you get a fat girl into bed?
Piece of cake.

What’s it called when a woman is paralyzed from the waist down?

What’s the difference between an onion and a dead hooker?
I cry when I cut up onions.

What has 8 legs and makes girls scream?
Gang rape.

What’s the difference between a smear test and rape?
Women hate smear tests.

What’s the difference between a washing machine and a 18-year-old girl?
The washing machine won’t follow you around for 2 weeks after you drop a load in it.

What’s the smartest thing to have come out of a woman’s mouth?
Einstein’s cock.

Whats the difference between a woman and a computer?
You only have to punch the information into a computer once.

What do you call a Serbian prostitute?

What’s the best thing about kinky sex?
Wiping the blood off the hammer.

Whats black and blue and full of protein?
A rape victim.

What do you tell a woman with two black eyes and a broken nose?
Nothing: She must be deaf

What’s the first thing a beaten wife should do after coming back from hospital after the last “incident”?
The dishes, if she knows what’s good for her.

What is the worst thing you can say to a woman?
“Don’t let this rape turn into a murder.”

What’s tough enough for a man but made for a woman?
The back of my hand.

Why did God give women one more brain cell than cows?
So when you play with their tits, they don’t shit on the ground.

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A “LOVE” Poster


Any man who cannot love you in all your seasons is no man at all. That is, unless you’re a cold, conniving psycho-bitch from Hell. Then all bets are off.

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Is there a way to not sound insecure?

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[OP original title] I’m in a long-distance “relationship” where my friend doesn’t always like sharing her personal feelings with anyone, it makes her uncomfortable sometimes (which I understand, I’m kinda the same). I last saw her in early june when things weren’t going so well

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My boyfriend can’t stay hard anymore!

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My boyfriend and I have a lot of sex. Every night if we could. We were both eachothers firsts, so of course we’re gonna have a ton of sex. For the past 2 or 3 months, he’s been having a hard time getting and maintaining an erection, or even just finishing during sex. He’s

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I’m in a happy relationship of only 2 months, the guy i’m with i can’t fault. Just one problem,, i can’t stop thinking about my ex. I split up with him over a year ago because of drug use but i totally fell in love with him. We were together for about 10 months. He wouldn’t

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